Apple sauce chicken

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I sometimes like to get my thoughts into kitchen and cook something tasty. I might not look like, but I like to eat. One of my recent adventures was Apple sauce chicken. Whole idea of such chicken seems more difficult, than it actually is.

What would you need:

  • chicken (obviously), I used four chicken legs and will use that in later post.

  • apples - 2 in my case.

  • dried plums

  • garlic

  • marjoram - I had dried marjoram unfortunately

  • rosemary - that I had fresh.

  • salt, pepper

  • butter

  • Olive oil

  • cider

First of all I separated whole chicken legs in two, so I had 8 chicken parts. Then salted them a little bit. On a frying pan I melted some butter, and added Olive oil. After it gets hot, I fried chicken, starting with side still with skin. Fry it long enough to get all pores closed.

In the meantime, turn on your oven to 200 Celsius degrees.

Then place everything in a oven-pan. Spring some pepper over chicken, place whole cloves of garlic between chicken, and do the same with plums. Now apples - cut each one in four. And place them on top, but near sides of the oven-pan. Now get some sprigs of rosemary and place them on top, but mind, that it should get covered by sauce once it gets dripping out of apples and chicken. Pouring some cider over

Cover the oven-pan and put it into the oven for about half an hour. After that time take off the cover of the oven-pan and bake is still for 15 minutes. Enjoy something different. You can also experiment with herbs :)

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