pyramid_fullauth 0.3.0 released!

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After over a month of work I've finally released version 0.3.0 of pyramid_fullauth! This release changes are mostly to testing the package, as with it, it finally reached 100% code coverage, but along I also introduced automatic style checking with pep8, pylint, pep257 and mccabe linter, so in-code changes were big enough, that I had to release it as a new minor version.

This release's changelog


  • configure root factory if it hasn't been already done

  • configure session factory only if it hasn't been configured before

  • configure authorization policy only if it hasn't been configured before

  • configure authentication policy only if it hasn't been configured before

  • logged in user will be redirected always away from login page

  • views reorganisation - grouping by their function

  • replaced force_logout decorator with logout request method

  • small login view simplification


  • rewritten tests to use pytest_pyramid

  • unified session with pyramid_basemodel's

  • parametrize tests against two most recent pyramid versions and sqlalchemy

  • turned on pylama to check code with linters:
    • pep8

    • pep257

    • pyflakes

    • mccabe

  • add pytest-dbfixtures, and run tests against postgresql and mysql as well

  • drop python 2.6 from tests

  • 100% test coverage

Plans for the future:

  • python3 support, in two phases:
    1. partial, for non-social authentication

    2. pull request for pytest-dbfixtures python3 compatibility

    3. full by finding alternative to velruse and/or python-oauth2

  • Think through number of events. Views can be easily inherited to extend functionality

  • introduce form framework.

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