pytest-dbfixtures now works with python 3

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Few days ago we've released a python3 compatible version of pytest-dbfixtures, a pytest plugin with fixtures and factories that can start fresh mysql, postgresql, elasticsearch, redis, rabbitmq and mongodb processes for Your tests - and clean their data afterwards. It also provides factories for fixtures if you'd need more processes of one kind or with different settings.

Unfortunately, if You've been using rabbitmq and/or mysql related fixtures, please check your tests carefuly, as these fixtures got most backward incompatible changes.

Python 3

We replaced requirement for MySQLdb for mysql client fixture with it's python3 compatible fork - mysqlclient.

Since mysqlclient is a strightforward fork (keeps event the package name) - it's still possible to use MySQL-python package for python 2.

For rabbitmq, we replaced pika with rabbitpy - here unfortunately client connection has little bit different api.

There are few others changes adjusting code for python3, but nothing more affecting backward compatibility.

Other changes

  • We removed long deprecated mysqldb_session fixture.

  • We've renamed mysqldb to mysql for consistency with other client fixtures

  • mysqldb fixture itself has been deprecated.

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