sfForkedDoctrineApplyPlugin 1.5.8

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New version of sfForkedDoctrineApply plugin has been released. Actually it was released twice (1.5.7 and a day later 1.5.8), because of my mistake spotted by John Kary (thanks!).

What's changed in 1.5.8 version?

  • Dutch translation prepared by Jasper Moelker

  • several fixes to other translations

  • Unification of setting main keys. All settings that previously needed to be set in sfApplyPlugin key can now be set in sfForkedApply key, with the old one still present as a fallback

Last change was suggested by Pierre Bonneau. While keeping original keys made sense if someone upgraded rom original plugin, it was rather inconvenience for someone who started with sfForked. Well... there's no inconvenience anymore! ;)

As usuall, some plugin's links:

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