Deploying python packages with travis-ci

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Deploying applications is tedious, so is deployin packages, no matter the package repository. For example after applying changes to codebase, the code needs to be tagged, as to not loose the point of release from sight, after that the packages needs to be built and uploaded. It's far too many commands that need to be done. One might develop some deployment scripts. Sure, but what, if we could use something else to deploy packages for us?

For a some time I've used bumpversion to keep track of new releases in code by automatically tagging code in repository. Still have to push the code, preferably wait for tests to complete, and then upload all those different packages to pypi.

Luckily, there's, with it's deployment ability. Unfortunately, it's somewhat broken, because if you want to release your code in wheel packages, it of course install wheel package, that is required by setuptools to package your code into a wheel, but it does so system-wide. And deployment is taking place from within virtualenv, which results in:


error: invalid command 'bdist_wheel' while deploying package to pypi

Well, to counter this, you need to add wheel installation yourself, like this:

    # other installation steps
    # manually install wheel for deployment
    - "pip install wheel pylama --use-mirrors"

After these changes, my deployment process got down to bumping code version with bumpversion and pushing tags and code to github.

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