How to redirect user around Your website?

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Recently I've read quite interesting chapter of a Scalability Rules book. Well... chapter alone wasn't that interesting, but one thing struck me and seemed quite important. That is How do we redirect user while having Post-Redirect-Get flow on an asset he can create, edit.

Post-Redirect-Get is usually handling content creation (or editing) and it's main purpose is to prevent data duplication. Without it, it's easy to just refresh and repeat POST request all together resulting in such well known double-posts (and third, with apologies after that).

Well.. for a long time I've been sticking with 302 Found redirect. I do not remember where I've got it, but what actually 302 means is that it found requested result. Original (HTTP1) 302 was even worse for that kind of flow, since it said Moved Temporarily - so what webserver was usually telling - was, this time look at that url (no matter it was usually same one).

Chapter in the book in question actually opened my eyes to 303 See Other - that says that requested resource can be accessed under this uri using GET request. And while posting some data, it also means that server received and processed the data sent to it.

Having learnt that, I modified pyramid_fullauth code accordingly. Which resulted in 0.3.2 version.

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